1 Semester or Full Academic Year
The six-month program combines intensive Spanish courses in preparation for an unique study abroad opportunity with the University Abierta Interamericana including cultural activities, weekly workshops on specific topics, field trips during the weekends and the option to share daily life with local and foreign students in university housing.

Students who undertake this program are getting the best of both worlds, university accreditation and the support and benefits of a private language institute. University courses are taught in Spanish for native speakers and an audience targeting Argentina. Semester program students may choose courses that interest them within the wide range of careers. In addition, students may also do internships or voluntary work in different institutions throughout the city which can be arranged by Elebaires. Ultimately, students will master a second language, contribute towards their career goals and have an amazing time doing it! Upon registering with Elebaires, we will provide students with information regarding possible internships that meet their criteria, interests and qualifications. Once they have chosen which internship they would like to participate in, Elebaires will arrange all the necessary documentation and set up an interview. These internships have qualified for University credits in the United States and in Europe. Internships are available on a year-round basis and require a minimum commitment of at least one month with 15-20 hours of work a week on the part of the intern. The ability to read and understand spoken Spanish at an intermediate level is essential. Before or during the internship, students are required to enrol in an Elebaires Spanish Course for a minimum of two weeks.

Elebaires is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, the lively capital of Argentina where our aim is to create many opportunities for students to discover our country along with its beautiful destinations, unique traditions and cultures. At Elebaires we are made up of a team of university-educated academics that have oriented their careers towards teaching our native Spanish language. We believe that it is necessary to offer a unique space for students that want to acquire and familiarize themselves with Latin American language and culture. We offer Spanish immersion programs to students worldwide of all ages of varying lengths including both private and group lessons year-round. We also offer excursions, support services, social and cultural activities, skill workshops such as tango and wine-tasting, local home-stays with Argentine students or families. Supplemental services also include internship and volunteer placements to complement courses and provide additional opportunities for linguistic and cultural immersion. At Elebaires students will discover Argentina both inside and outside of the classroom.
To ensure that international students are ready to take on University studies in Spanish, Elebaires offers an intensive Spanish course of 4 weeks before the semester. This course will not only prepare students for the language test that is required by the university, but also will help students adapt into the Spanish of Buenos Aires and Argentine culture which creates the successful immersion into the university life and social development of the city. The intensive program at Elebaires consists of 4 hour daily, group lessons. For more information, refer to our page on the Intensive Course.

Spanish Semester Program
The UAI is a new university that was founded in 1995, but integrates the network of the institution VANEDUC which has a 50-year career dedicated to education at all levels. It currently has an enrolment of 22,000 students distributed across their numerous campuses. Although the number of students increases every year, one of the most important concepts at UAI is the personalized attention and the direct relationship between teachers and students. To preserve this quality, the courses have no more than 30 students per group. With regard to international mobility, each year, about 500 students from various countries pass through the halls of the University, therefore multiculturalism is another trait that characterizes life in the UAI.

UAI offers a wide variety of careers in each of its 10 departments. Students in the semester program can choose courses from any subject and any department. The main areas are: Health Sciences, Architecture, Communication Sciences, Science, Business, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Information Technology, Tourism, and Education. For more information on the academic offerings of UAI, refer to their website. The Academic Year at the UAI begins in early April and ends in early December. The first semester runs from early April to late July. The second semester runs from mid August to early December. International students can attend classes during the whole academic year or attend either of the two semesters. Academic offerings may vary each semester. Some classes are held during the two periods, but others are offered only in the first or second. The complete list of courses should be obtained through the Elebaires coordinator: studyabroad@elebaires.com. The class schedules are updated each year. This information is available before the start of each semester. Students must email the list of classes that they are interested in to the Elebaires coordinator, who will send the appropriate schedules.
Who can apply for admission to this program: . • Enrolled college students of all ages and all nationalities
• Students who show a minimum GPA of 2.5 (USA) or equivalent
• Students who have a high intermediate level of Spanish or B2 according to the Common European Framework Reference.
If the student does not reach that level, Elebaires will help them through the intensive courses and online courses.

To apply, you must provide the following documentation before the deadlines specified for each semester. This information is in addition to what is required by the University.
• Personal Statement about why want to study in Buenos Aires
• Official Transcript
• Cover Letter and CV in English and Spanish (if wish to volunteer and/or intern)
• Passport photocopy
• Health Insurance information
• 2.5 minimum GPA (or equivalent if not from USA)
• Reference by a professor or employer
In order to complement and enrich the academic life with social or occupational experience, the best option is to do an internship or volunteer work. Through this activity, students will find out about other social and cultural realities. Elebaires is in contact with companies and institutions that enjoy having international students. Students can work in areas related to children, old age, special education, human rights and social inclusion.
During the intensive course and the semester at the University, students may stay in a university residence located a few meters from the UAI. Sharing daily life with students from different provinces of Argentina and other countries will allow more value and social opportunities to the academic experience.

Each week, Elebaires organizes cultural and social activities such as visits to museums or tourist attractions, conversation clubs, partying at bars and clubs, polo lessons, Argentine cooking classes and wine tasting. In addition, for the weekends they plan trips to Uruguay, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Cordoba and other parts of the country.

Academic Services:

• Enrolment in the program
• Elebaires level review for placement
• A four week Spanish course at Elebaires
• The required course materials in Spanish
• Reserved space in the classroom for the chosen subject at the university
• Spanish level test at the university
• Final exam at the university
• Transcript

Other services:

• Enrolment
• Transportation from the airport
• Cell phone

Tariffs of mandatory immigration processing (temporary residence) to be held in National Directorate of Migration. For more information, the link for temporary residence has been provided.

At the time of applying for the admission to the program, there is a processing fee of US$50 non-refundable for the registration. The rest of the fees may be paid by cash, credit card or through bank transfer.

Study Spanish with Elebaires and earn credits to transfer back to your home University. We offer small specialized classes to meet your language level and individualized needs. Additionally, our friendly and helpful staff is here to assist you prior to your arrival by setting up a Skype chat to answer any questions or concerns. Once you have completed your course there will be a written and oral exam which you must successfully pass to receive your transcripts from our partner University in Buenos Aires.

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