ELEBAIRES offers each day a Special Program to live and experience Buenos Aires in a different way. Our Special Programs are optional activities that each student can do to enjoy, practise and learn more things while taking the Spanish Course. See our online after school activities here


Enjoy traveling around Argentina!: Study and fun trips: Practise Spanish Outdoor!!! ELEBAIRES with its student´s coordinator takes you out of the city to know other beautiful destinations and practice Spanish all day long: - 1 Day Trip: Tigre Day, Day in Colonia (Uruguay), Camp Day (Argentinean Estancias), Luján Day... lear more


These are special courses where you will learn so much about the Argentinean Culture and daily life. They are organize weekly too, so you can join them after your lessons at ELEBAIRES. Our workshops are: - Tango Lessons (1 private + 2 group ... more info" cuando debería ser más amigable "Some of our workshops are Tango Lessons (1 private + 2 group lesson x week), Salsa Lessons (1 private + 2 group lesson x week), Wine Tasting (once a week)... learn more


Elebaires would like to assure parents and students that we take health and safety very seriously while studying abroad. International concerns are at the forefront of our safety policies and minds throughout the length of the program. Our local staff members prioritize our student's welfare and we take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety... learn more

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